About Loan Utility

Loan Utility brings analysts and developers together with your executives and stakeholders to create and scale lending software that can impact your business.

Digital-First Banking and Lending

At Loan Utility, we deliver custom end-to-end lending software for banks and alternative lenders. Our team is based in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand and we work with clients across the Southeast Asian region.

Loan Utility draws on deep expertise across banking and lending to help financial players reimagine their tech approach, find innovative ways to optimize processes, reduce back-office costs, and quickly adapt to competitive and regulatory landscapes.
No matter how complex your business questions, we can deliver the answers you need to move forward. From the go-to-market consulting to tech infrastructure transformation, we cover it all.

Why Loan Utility?

Our software outperforms market competitors. We focus on essential actions.

We make sure your investments 100% meet your business objectives.

We share expertise, take a future-back approach and bring value from the very beggining

We have implemented a number of projects using top-of-the-line and AI technology.

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