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We deliver custom end-to-end lending software for banks and alternative lenders.

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Our Solutions
Loan Origination Software

Loan origination software (LOS) manages and automates lending tasks including onboarding, origination, underwriting, documentation and closing.

Loan origination is the process that borrowers go through to obtain a loan. Starting with the application stage, it follows then with the document processing, credit scoring and underwriting, approval and the final funding.

Get over challenges associated with client onboarding. Automate loan origination and streamline the onboarding process, from the application submission to its approval and final funding.

  • Consistent compliance across all channels
  • Intelligent document processing
  • Customer due diligence and risk assessment
  • Integrations with third-party providers
  • Customized reporting & analysis

Thoroughly evaluate the financial standing of potential borrowers. Automate application processing, lower operating costs and enable quicker turnaround on decisions.

  • Build your own decision-making process
  • Integrate with third-party scoring providers
  • Utilize AI-powered credit scoring software
  • Make credit decisions in 2 minutes

Create diverse and flexible financial products by configuring dozens of parameters. Serve both consumer and commercial lending sectors.

Reach new markets with lending products of any type:

  • Asset based financing
  • Installment and PDL
  • Revolving credit line
  • Merchant cash advance
  • Unsecured and secured loans

Set up workflows and handle customer information and documents in a hassle-free way. Automatically flag files with missing fields, easily manage contracts, agreements, and other system documents.

  • Reduce time and money spent on auditing documents
  • Simplify document management through automation
  • Sign documents electronically, automatically distribute copies
  • Instantly access and manage all stored documents and templates

Collect business statistics and take advantage of helpful data visualisation tools. Make insights come alive and communicate complicated ideas in simple visual messages.

  • Fast, customizable access to information
  • Easy-to-use web-based tools to make critical business decisions
  • The ability to export data to a range of formats
  • Clear and explicit standard dashboards
  • The ability to create comprehensive real-time reports
Our Solutions
Loan Servicing Software

A tailor made platform to automate the loan servicing process. Our system can be customized and deployed as a white-label solution.

From the time the loan is closed until it’s paid off, HES software streamlines the entire loan servicing process.

  • Set up calculations for a number of loan types
  • Keep your business compliant with loan operation regulations
  • Automate loan disbursement
  • Configure, calculate and track payment schedules
  • Perform day-to-day calculations for accruals, write-offs

Enhance your portfolio performance with smart loan operation. Add 100% flexibility and freedom to loan servicing.

  • Basic operations. Initial interest, commissions, and fees accrual
  • Disbursement and repayment
  • Payment delay. Set for a specific period of time or date
  • Loan reschedule. Change the loan structure and term
  • Loan top-up. Add an additional amount to the existing principal
  • Pause penalties accrual/ Payment holidays

At HES, we support customization according to your specific requirements. Perform day-to day calculations and conforming accounting based on a system scheduler. You always see the relevant accounting information. Supply data to the customer facing applications so that your clients are always aware of their current loan account state.

Whether you need to generate reporting for the management or report to authorities, we can supply you with a tool to design a report based on SQL queries. Alternatively, we can do this job for you and set up a predefined number of reports. We also support integration with any other tool to perform reporting.

Use a bucket-based approach for your collection purposes. Customize your notifications and set trigger events. Customize notice letters for legal purposes. Keep a registry of collection agencies and debts sold.

Our Solutions
Lending Software Development

Our team at Loan Utility provides top-notch lending solutions and IT consulting servcies to banks and alternative lenders. With deep fintech expertise coupled with the latest tech stack under our hood, we are able to build software of any complexity. 

From lending automation platforms to financial advisory systems, we cover it all.

We help clients launch projects on time and budget, and up to specifications.

Our design team relies on platform-focused standards and a deep understanding of your objectives.

The team of HES Fintech applies comprehensive QA and debugging procedures.

Our certified team will automate the key steps in the workflow, take control of the entire implementation and delivery processes.

Our Solutions
Debt Collection Software

Manage the whole debtor history in a single collection management system. Speed the collection of payments up to 80%. Empowered by automation and machine learning.

Cloud-based or on-premise, HES Fintech’s debt collection software brings in efficiency and speed to automate and optimize daily operations. We get you covered in any type of collection activity: pre-collection, sophisticated and flexible soft, hard or legal collection.

  • Fight delinquency while maintaining decent customer service
  • Outline a course of action at every step of the debt recovery process
  • Optimize your communication strategy and collect overdue debts

Automate data-based workflows. Use a bucket approach for your collection purposes. Customize notifications and set trigger events. Customize notice letters for legal purposes. Keep a registry of collection agencies and debts sold.

  • Import debt data from various sources, store it in a single format
  • Profit from convenient creation and management of standard documents for managing each debtor (debt notification, statement of claim, application for the issuance of a court order, and installment agreements).

Debt collection is a process that requires dozens of clerical actions to repeat over and over again. Reduce the volume of manual tasks by up to 50%.

Easily organize the process of auto-calling of debtors, provide fast follow-ups, and send SMS notifications — all in a single system.

Explore various options for managing data: view, pull, or submit data, including instant online delivery or batch processing. Have a detailed report on the level and structure of debts with built-in visual analytics. Create your own templates of standard documents for debt collection.

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