Digital Transformation Consulting for Lenders

The digital economy, automation, and emerging technologies are changing the lending industry in southeast asia and around the world. We provide insights on how banks and fintechs can prepare for and leverage digital transformation.

Risk Management

We help clients harness the power of human and machine to cut operating costs by up to 40%. Assess and realize the potential of AI to improve your bottom-line.

Tech Consulting

Loan Utility's business analysts in Bangkok help clients create a Software Requirements Specification (SRS) and launch projects on time and budget.

Integration Consulting

Learn how to effectively integrate with 3rd-party solution and service providers (credit bureaus, KYC/AML, payment providers, accounting systems, etc.).

Market Entry Consulting

We have successfully launched projects throughout Thailand and Southeast Asia. We will help you pinpoint market opportunities and run an MVP in 3 months.


Consumer Loan

A highly customizable consumer financing platform that automates all the steps of lending.

Peer to Peer

White-label P2P lending software for borrower-investor matchmaking. End-to-end automation.

Commerical Loans

Offer businesses a hassle-free application process with a turn-around time in approvals of 4 hours. Front-to-back automation.

Micro Finance Loans

Automate every step of micro-lending, from onboarding all the way to repayment.

Pay Day Loans

Automate short-term consumer lending processes. Enter a new market or update your current operations with payday or installment lending software

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