Customer Onboarding

Automate and streamline the entire onboarding process in a matter of minutes. Enhanced digital user experience.

Multi-Channel Loan Application

Collect loan applications from a variety of channels, both offline and online, including the web, mobile, call centers, and more.

Calculation and Product Engine

Create a range of loan products. Set up borrower payment schedules and track payments.

CRM Module

Easily handle customer and loan management processes. Manage and track your customers, their loans, payments, and profile.

Advanced Roles and User Models

Create your company’s structure. Manage roles, define permissions, assign roles to users, and audit and keep track of their activity.

Feature-Rich Personal Account

Borrowers can easily track active and past loan records, extend or rollover loans, monitor payment schedules, and more.

Document Management

Manage loan agreements, offers, contracts, notes and other system documents.

Payments and Money Transfer

Send money to customers’ bank accounts, debit cards, electronic wallets, etc. Monitor results and automatically initiate loan calculations where appropriate.

Notification Centre

Send automatic emails, SMS to customers. Anchor notifications to specific events in a customer’s credit history.

Data Validation

Check and validate all the data entered by a customer on the fly (address, contact details, passport expiration dates, etc.).

Statistics and Reporting

Get relevant statistics, leverage visualization tools. Use a predefined set of reports; add or edit customized reports.

Marketplace Features

The borrower-lender matching engine delivers advanced capabilities for automatic loan matchmaking.